List of participants and their topics:

Sujay Narayana TU Delft
Thing BIG be Small: A vison for Space IoT
Vijay Rao TU Delft
Making LPWANs Batteryless
Gustavo Martins TU Delft
Energy Harvesting and Transfer Energy Harvesting and Transfer
Alessandro Urso TU Delft
Wireless Energy and Data Transfer in IoT Sensor Nodes
Amjad Majid TU Delft
IAE: Intemittent Applications Executor
Lukas Sigrist ETHZ
Design Support for Energy Harvesting Driven IoT Devices
Andres Gomez ETHZ
Designing Reliable Transient Applications
Ahmed Saad RWTH+Lahore University of Management Sciences
Incremental Checkpointing Techniques for Transiently Powered Computers
Beshr Al Nahas Chalmers
Network Bootstrapping and Leader Election in Low-power Wireless Networks
Valentin Poirot Chalmers
Energy Efficient Multi-Connectivity in Ultra-dense 5G Networks
Christos Profentzas Chalmers
Verified Boot in IoT devices with low power consumption
Carlos Pérez Penichet Uppsala University
Backscatter Communication
Oliver Harms Chalmers
Modulation Schemes in Ambient Backscatter Communication
Ambuj Varshney Uppsala University
Towards Wide-area backscatter networks
Robert Hartung TU Braunschweig
Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks: Robust but Efficient
James Allen University of Newcastle
Resume and extended abstract: “Parallel Computation for Effïcient and Robust Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network Simulation with Environmental Data Generation
Theodoros Verykios University of Southampton
Exploring Energy Efficient State Retention in Transiently-Powered Computing Systems
Alexei Collin CMU
Hardware and Software System Support for Intermittent Energy-harvesting Devices
Lars Hanschke Hamburg University of Technology
Collaborative and Environmentally-Powered Sensors and Actuators for Smart Environments